Nose Pockets And Their Omnipotence

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This little treatise shall address the subject of nose pockets and the omnipotence thereof. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the basic concepts of the nose and of the pocket.


For the new reader, it shall serve well to give a proper introduction to the phenomenon of the nose pocket, that is, of noses and pockets in combination and the apparent infinity (termed the Nasal Infinity) thereof.

The Analog of the Universal nose pocket[edit]

First and foremost, so as to accustom the reader with the basic concept of the all-encompassing nonsense, consider the following:

  • The Universe is known to be nonsensical. Specifically, it would appear to be complete nonsense, though this in the sense of encompassing all that is nonsensical would presume the existence of no more than this one Universe; should this not be the case, the Universe would only be part of a greater Multiverse embodying the whole of nonsense, in light of which we would have to consider the Universe incomplete in terms of the whole. Nonetheless, it would behoove us still to consider it fully nonsensical in its own right, due to its wholly nonsensical nature.
  • Given that the Universe is wholly nonsensical, that it contains all that exists within it, and that all of this, therefore, is nonsense, it stands to reason that nonsense being All, all is Nonsense, all Power comes from and is in itself nonsense, meaning that Nonsense is Power.

The Nasal Infinity[edit]

Having established the totality of nonsense and the nonsense of All, we shall now demonstrate how the Nasal relates to the Infinite and how it may thus be utilized:

  • Being part of the Nonsensical All, nose is nonsense. Not only that, but nose is even defined to be synonymous with nonsense in the works of Fluffology.
  • Through the nose extends a portal into the cosmic Pocket which forms a recursive connection to the Universe within each person.
  • Imagination is nonsense, and all can be imagined.
  • With training, conscious control over the use of the Nose and Pocket may be attained.

The full ramifications of the above may need some time to sink in; imagine being able to manifest literally anything through your nose – stars, houses, popcorn, lemon fish hair, entire galaxies... This is, in fact[citration needed], a very real possibility! Just now, at the time of writing, I have manifested a large, roughly circular rock into orbit around the planet in the far past – I believe it is now referred to as "The Moon".

Societal impacts of nose pocket use[edit]

The impact of the utilization of Nasal Infinity on society and culture is rather hard to estimate and to predict, precisely because of the infinite possibilities it brings. It is possibe for literally anything to have been done and undone untold times. There are however signs that point toward doings of this nature as well as traces of large-scale changes. Thus, so to say, the top of the iceberg remains visible.

It is likely that many societies have been spawned from the nostrils of a soon-to-be leader, and that – conversely – many societies throughout history have been snorted either by accident or purposefully by those of less noble intent.

Nose Pockets and World History[edit]

Many are the ways in which the World has been shaped by nose pockets. An extensive analysis of its impact on history would be much too big for this work, but I shall attempt a summary of a few interesting points serving as an introduction to the subject matter; I would have included a few more, were it not for the fact that some of my research was inadvertedly swallowed by my nose while I was sleeping.

The formation of England[edit]

It is plausible that the geographical emergence of England be the result a particularly powerful sneeze by a person mindful of the Inifinite Potential; such a theory also offers an explanation for the rainy weather of the location in question. The reader might ask how it would be that such an effect would remain so long after the delivery of the impact; the answer would be to keep in mind the nonlinear time dynamics of nose pocket utilization, for as a drawing of Nasal Infinity approaches its end, the time duration of its present moment stretches towards infinity.

Planetary sattelites[edit]

As I mentioned in Chapter 2.2, I, at the time of writing said chapter, put a large rock into orbit in the planet's far past, now known as The Moon. Due to my personal experience in this matter, I can include it as an example in full confidence. It has come to my attention that many have suggested the moon be made of cheese; I can assure the reader that this is incorrect. As for the core of said object, it does however contain a fairly high percentage of chocolate. Or at least used to, for when I last tried to retrieve it, I discovered to my surprise that it had been replaced with some sort of fluffy substance.

I also have it from a reputable source that the Moons of Mars are, in fact, natural constructs grown into place by ballpoint penguins to serve as secret ink reserves; they are also, I am told, used to sprinkle color pigment all over the solar system, resulting in among other things the bluish color of the Earth and the reddish color of Mars. (supposedly, they once tried to color the Sun purple, but the ink burned up, rendering this task unviable. a practical solution to this matter has however been formulated and planned, this being to enclose the Sun within a transparent vial and then in turn to color it purple – and at long last a purple Sun would become viable, though perhaps not enviable)

How could these feats ever be performed without use of the Nasal Infinity? And so, I rest my case.


Nasal Infinity is of Infinite Potential; using this potential, anything can – and has undoubtedly been – achieved. I have only touched upon its impact and potential. The Way of The Sniff is not for everyone; I wish the reader all luck in their personal quest, should they take it upon them, to master the use of the Nose and Pocket, and to use it for good.