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Now is a 3-syllable world with no meaning whatsoever.

Now is just an excuse for me to not hate everything I didn't do to nobody.

It is said, in old ages past bedtime, that

  • now is the moment,
  • now is the time
  • To take you in my heart, woe u woe u yeah


When the Wise men-of-old defined now they said:

“when time comes, we'll see”

~ Wise-men-of-old on on Now

But time never came and they never saw, so they started on a journey & now they're lost or whatever, anyway, they are not here NOW, with us, in this.... this... you know... my palms are so sweaty I'll never get to hold her hand.

To show you: there is this.... this very very very very flat universe and it's coming your way. It's coming fast! THERE IT IS: DUCK!

Did you see it? You have to be quick you know!

Yes yes, now that you've seen it, you'll never forget. That was a NOW! Aren't they beautiful?

No no, it's not a now anymore. Now it's a.. a... nothing.