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O.O.T.F.D or ”Opposite Of The Freaky Dimension” is a dimension. This dimension should not be confused with its opposite T.F.D, (The Freaky Dimension) which is a dimension of equal weirdness and eccentricity, but that is tremendously poles apart.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In this dimension one inhabited world exists. Its name is obscured in inscrutability. This world has many different species and other existing forms (of both flesh and soul), but also it contains certain souls of a great unidentified force that should not in any circumstances be confused with the “force” in pin-up war.

Typical enviorments[edit | edit source]

Wheelchairs from the 15th century are a very common prospect in this world. In these wheelchairs many different forms of life can be found. The “knag-knag” is usually not found in these wheelchairs because this specie likes chairs, but hates wheels. The “knag-knag” naturally rather appears in a weird and wonderful, rocking chair, and enjoys the sound of the rocking chair’s mysterious substance rubbing against the land with the name unrevealed. The environment is not too friendly for any living being because the soil consists of smokeable grass with razors entangled in it. The ones who “scream and yell all the time” has likely accumulated quite a bit of damage from the razor-grass. The sky is almost ridiculously grey and the air is thick and murky with a touch of tar.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

-Well… are there any intelligent life forms in severely deranged world? , you are unquestionably thinking. Perhaps or perchance not, is the easiest response! Nobody really knows how intelligent these creatures are. All this facts we have got, points to the conclusion in the centre of the “Myarchiz-haaz” solution: the moose souls have got the answers!

As for the viewing point of mankind’s mental mind power, a place to subsist has usually crossed its mind. How about that “knag-knag” fellow? Yes, the “knag-knag” has a variety of locations it calls home. For example, the “knag-knag” calls these locations home:

Additional information is very incredibly extraordinarily vital to obtain about this absolutely disturbing and bitter dimension…