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Where old memes go to die.

No. Just don't.[1]

Old things are fads and "random" things that have been definitely overused and therefore are not random, as the concept of "randomness" is derived from being unexpected and once something is considered "old" it is, by definition, very expectable, and, ergo, not random.

Old things include:

And many more. Join today to get a FREE[4] iPod[5]!

Note[edit | edit source]

  1. Seriously.
  2. The meme; not your actual mother, although she isn't getting any younger.
  3. This includes string cheese, cream cheese, and "butt-cheese."
  4. In this context, "free" means "free with payment of $100,000.00 and 27 years of forced labour".
  5. Due to budget cuts, the "iPod" guaranteed will actually be a Chinese knock-off that holds around five or six songs.