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Orange are a French mobile company which are renown for sending you texts at midnight asking for you to try out their overpriced new video service - even when your phone is in black and white and can barely text. They them to appeal to the public (A.K.A teenagers with no-money-sense) by making balloons that vaguely resemble animal shapes and letting them fly away. Many a pigeon has fallen to the ground, suffocated by a racoon on a string. They have a habit constantly attempting to copy other mobile phone providers with the same offers. With the incapability of the customer service the deal usually has a £5 price tag attached to a supposedly 'free' call you made to a incompetent service run in India somewhere. Sometime in the future they have agreed to merging with the superior T - Mobile. T mobile customers are going to regret this, once they stop creating superbands full of musically retarded people who travel the country looking like pricks.

You have been charged £20.00 by orange for reading this page. You didn't read it? Sorry, It's not our problem mate, we're just doing business!