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Pablo, Jesus's pet goat, was among the most charismatic of ancient goats, and could always bed as many women as he wanted - of any species. As he was biblically renowned for his massive thirty inches of sensitivity and fun, something which you'd find pretty enjoyable (wink wink, nudge nudge, COCK COCK, hey, GTFO my pants).

Accoriding to oral accounts, pablo was originally owned by two very abrasive midgets. These midgets, upon seeing Jesus, immediately began cockslapping him, possibly because they were possessed by Satan. Before Jesus was able to contain the two midgets, the both tripped and fell down a well and died. Feeling sorry for the goat, Jesus took him in as his own son, and gave him his name, which means "His Pub" in Aramaic.

You'll be his pet anyday... he is gentle and his yoke is easy.

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