Paper Mario Cheats

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Following are cheats for Paper Mario, brought to you by Fake Cheats.

Infinite Coins[edit | edit source]

Go down to the remains of Peach's castle. Go right in the center of the rubble and press the Z button on your Nintendo 64 controller. Judge Judy will appear and give you a check for infinite coins. Cash it at the Mushroom Bank and you are rich.

Play as Bowser[edit | edit source]

As Peach, read Bowser's diary and throw it in the trash. Wait for the garbageman to take it, and for it to decompose in the landfill. After this happens, you will be Bowser.

Unlock Bill O'Reilly[edit | edit source]

As Mario, go to the Star hotel and stay 5356 times. Then buy 35.3 mushrooms and use 235.76 honey syrups. Mario will go in a black hole and now you can play as Bill O'Reilly.