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A Bowser

“It's a SQUIRTLE!!”

~ Randumb Pokemon Trainer

“It's a Goomba! Quick Luigi, JUMP ON HIM!!”

Squirtle Young Bowser

Have you ever asked yourself "What are chocolate chips Bowsers?"

The Ever so many types of Bowsers[edit]

  • Squirtle. Young Bowsers, Found in games such as Pokemans
  • The Bowser. The original bowser
  • Crocodile. The depressed Bowser.
  • Luigi. Trust me, you don't want to know.

That's A BOWSER?!?!?[edit]

Unfortunately, YES. Don't worry, your not the only one that copes with this Mario, Wario and Tom Cruise do too.

So WHAT is the Bowser in the Mario games?[edit]

Well, to put a long story short, Pokemans were using a Squirtle Bowser, and the Nintendo freaks, like it so much, they put it in the Mario games, and changed it to not get sued.

But Mario and Pokemon are both from Nintendo!![edit]

I wrote Pokemans. not Pokemon

Are you, like, Messing with my mind????[edit]


So what is this?[edit]


This is a 54 year old adult standing outside the supermarket next door greeting people with no lives.


~ You


~ Me

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