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Pesto is the most awesome substance on the planet. Its two main ingredients are anti-fnurdles and extract of the color green. Its usual use is a condiment on food, but it has a large variety of other uses.


Use as a chicken[edit]

Pesto is a very unusual product because it is capable of turning into a chicken. This means it can be eaten in a variety of new ways. It can be eaten as a chicken. You can put pesto on top of the chicken if you want. It can lay eggs. You can put pesto on the eggs if you want!

Pesto's ability to turn into a chicken is also significant because you have the option of yelling "Chicken!" at it. Though offensive, this statement will probably be very accurate, considering the fact that the pesto legitimately is a chicken.

Use as a teleportation device[edit]

Consuming pesto in a rather unusual way will instantly grant you to teleport to any location in the universe, as long as you know it exists. Please note that teleporting into deep space is not recommended, mainly because you will die, but also because it's bad for your finger.

Use as a stick[edit]

With the application of a simple candle flame, pesto can be welded together to form a magic stick! As you know because you are very smart, magic sticks have an endless variety of uses because they are magical.

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