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Fnurdles are dangerous little creatures with sharp claws and six antennae. They normally live in groups of about ten: the average amount in a herd of fnurdles is 8.386023. They live in broken and/or abandoned rectangular-shaped technology boxes, called 'computers'.

Habitat[edit | edit source]

A fnurdle manipulating time and space

Fnurdles often make nests in motherboards, which have nothing to do with mothers, or boards, though they are commonly found in proximity of both. They often make nests out of scrap metal, lost contacts, human souls, fingernails, and toothpicks, which they take from the surrounding area. Unfortunately, due to the growing demand for motherboards and rectangular-shaped technology boxes, called 'computers', fnurdle population is quickly dwindling. Something a bit peculiar which frequently happens when fnurdles nest in motherboards is that they drool all over the place. They then think about the meagher tree while hibernating for the day.

Habits, which are not habitats[edit | edit source]

Fnurdles often collect small, shiny objects. Recent studies show that they prefer red, small, shiny objects over any other colored small, shiny objects. These are used to decorate the inside of their nests. Fnurdle feed off of lint and dust and higgs boson, depending on which is available at the time. Note that due to unsuccessful marketing, the higgs boson does not come in the red color.

Carrots[edit | edit source]

Carrots have been known to be found only in fnurdle nests. Due to this, the domesticated fnurdle is steadily rising to become one of the most popular pets of all FLOOSHEEMUMBUMHUM.

In conclusion...[edit | edit source]

I hate conclusions. They sicken me. Not literally, but they do. They are horrible generalizations that teachers insist are important, but are really not. It's all just a scheme by the government.

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