Pie that tastes like a pie

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“I baked you a pie!”

~ Asdf

“Oh cool, what flavor?”

~ Me


~ Asdf

A pie inside a pie, that's what its flavor is all about. A tiny little pie inside a collective of pies shaped like a humongous pie. Thousands of pies, but only one of them is The Pie, a divine flavor, a prairie dog, a journalist... Snooping about, they are. Bad little mongrels, bad! They should be decapitated by lawnmowing them to death.

The pie that tastes like a pie is somewhat an enigma to bakers, since they have never been able to bake a pie with such a full and true flavor the pie that tastes like a pie holds. Food critics all over from both Perths have deemed tasting it and creating a food critique about it an ultimate goal for all other food critics to achieve. People other than food critics don't hold even the slightest grudge towards it, with the exception of quite a few tax evaders dressed like orangutangs in Saddam Hussein's backyard. And then there's the kid who likes trains, oh my god, what a kid...