Pokemon Racism

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“Pikachu, I choose you!! Lynch his ass!!”

~ Ash (also racist)

Toshiba, the company behind such great games as pokemon, digimon and game hunting, have announced the re-launch of the classic pokemon gameboy game. Set to hit shelves next spring, the game will feature many new features, featuring features such as a feature presentation about the future of features, with special features such as an interview with the game designer, Mike Feature.

Rumours had been passed around that the game may have more of an ethnical slant than the original, and this was proved true when the title of the new game was released, "Pokemon: RACISM IS FOR WIN!!". The new realease has replaced the old red and blue versions with black and white ones.

A full list of the games pokemans has also been realeased; a small number have been shown below:

  • Pikachu
    Not so cuddly now, eh?

type: White supremacist Pokemon
Moves: Apartheid slap, lynch, ethnic cleanse, Burn cross

  • Jynx

Type: Black Pokemon

Moves: Go upside the head, pimp slap, driveby, ghetto gospel

I am Rastamon, mon
  • Tangela

Type: Rastafarian Poke-mun
Moves: Get stoned, Get baked, Get cooked, Get high

  • Snorlax

Type: American Pokemon
Moves: Carpet bomb, Oil drain, Eat, Spew meaningless mouth-shit about how your country is the best despite most of you having never left it.

  • Machamp

Type: Gay Pokemon
Moves: gay attack, gay slap, gay sex, be gay

  • Abra

Type: Chinese Pokemon
Moves: Speak gibberish, Be good at math, Do something else that won't affect your opponent but is vaguely racist, yell at passers-by in camden to try and compel them to buy food

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