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To be confused with Pokémon.

“If Digimon is a rip-off of Pokémon, then Pokémon is a rip-off of something else, and everything is a rip-off of anything else.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Digimon

“What are you doing here? Go back to Uncyclopedia!”

~ Illogicopedian on Oscar Wilde

Digimon (デジモン) is a media franchise created by some Chinese Japanese guy called Ashiyoki Gonho Akiyoshi Hongo (アキヨシ ホンゴ ). It's just like Pokémon, but with a few, yet important differences.

Differences between Pokémans and Digimans[edit | edit source]

  • The names of every Digimon end in -mon. This isn't the case with Pokémon, although dumb people think this is the case with Pokémon as well.
  • Digimon have many, many powerful digivolutions(the Digimon equivalent of evolution)! (but the system is complex)
  • Once digivolved, Digimon can revert back to smaller forms. You can't do that with Pokémon. Once your Pikachu has evolved into a Raichu, you can't get your beloved Pikachu back again. But you can get another one, is that the same thing? :D
  • Digimon can talk. (yay!)
  • Pokémon are on average, cuter than Digimon.
  • There are more Digimon "species" than Pokémon "species", but more Pokémon individuals than Digimon individuals.
  • Digimon are made of data, rather than flesh, blood, bones and stuff. This means that they can't die. They turn into digi-eggs instead. (Pokémon don't die either; they just faint)
  • Most people say the Digimon anime has a better plotline than Pokémon, although Pokémon's games are better.
  • Lots of Digimon wear clothes, equipped with guns, machinery, and other dangerous stuff. Unnatural.
  • Almost all the Digimon and humans in Digimon still have their Japanese names. Unfortunately in Pokémon, 4Kids have changed the name of almost every human and Pokémon.
  • Digimon feels more Japanese than Pokémon.
  • Digimon don't have a gender.
  • Digimon live in the Digital World, not on Earth. Pokémon live on Earth (or a fictional Earth-like planet in a fictional universe).
  • A tamer can typically only own one or two Digimon at a time, unfortunately. You can't catch 'em all in Digimon.
  • Lots of Digimon are evil. Pokémon aren't evil, and even if they are, they're following the command of an owner (like Ghetsis for instance.)
  • The makers of Digimon don't count or order Digimon. But each of the 649 Pokémon are given neat Pokédex entries and Pokédex numbers, which are ordered.
  • Digimon is unfortunately less known than Pokémon. Everyone knows who Satoshi Tajiri is, but nothing is known about Akiyoshi Hongo, the creator of Digimon.

Creation[edit | edit source]

After the Internet was created, Akiyoshi created a website called Tamagotchi, a virtual pet site. However, after the website attracted a lot of people, he created a special type of Tamagotchi called Digimon (meaning Digital Monsters). He created a device called a Digivice that can connect to his website to show information on the user's Digimon, and can fit into the pocket. He created seven such devices and gave it to seven kids in Tokyo: Taichi (タイチ),Yamato (ヤマト), Joe (ジョ), Koshiro (コシロ), Mimi (ミミ), Takeru (タケル)and Sora (ソラ). The special thing about the device is that it can produce a life-like HD 3D image of a Digimon in front of the user. The 3D image can get its way out of the Digivice, but the Digivice is still important. The 3D image is what we see as a Digimon.

Tai's little sister (ヒカリ) cried because she wanted a Digimon as well, so Akiyoshi created an 8th digivice specially for her.

Some time later, Akiyoshi created three more digivices for Daisuke(Davis), Cody and Yolei.

Akiyoshi also created more devices for characters from the later seasons.

This is an English wiki, why so much Japanese?

Note[edit | edit source]

Please note that Porygon is not a digimon he just happens to be a digital pokemon. But he could be?