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A Pot

“Man, this is the stuff!”

~ A Rustafarian inhaling a pot

Dude, are you smoking that basin?”

~ An Onlooker

A pot is a container which contains substances, or alternatively a substance that contains drug users. For a while at least.

Pots supposedly have been used to store elephants, though any accounts of this are hearsay. The Pope commonly issues edicts while inside a pot. It is rumored that garlic loses its anti-vampire effectiveness after it is eaten and digested. The police are known for carrying out raids on stonemason's in order to find pot.

Pots and Pans[edit | edit source]

The pot and the pan have been best buddies since high school. They are almost inseparable, and the only way to split them apart is with lasers.

The Benefits of Using Pots[edit | edit source]

There are many benefits to using pots.

  • One benefit to using pots is that pots are beneficial to use.
  • Another benefit is that while using pots, you are unlikely to be attacked by a rabbit.
  • Yet another benefit is the fact that walking on a pot has an immediate relieving effect.[citration needed]
Learning this feat is commonly known as potty training.

More Benefits of Using Pots[edit | edit source]

There are more benefits to using pots.

  • Pots can store liquids.
  • If melted, pots can become liquid.
  • If heated sufficiently, pots may even vaporize; inhaling such smoke is no doubt very healthy.

Spick and Span[edit | edit source]

Keep your pots spick and span for optimal efficiency. It is known that pots, when not spick and span, may go bald.

Keeping Your Pots Spick[edit | edit source]

To keep a pot spick, read it bedtime stories. This is the best way. It has been used by Alexander the Great, among others, to great success.

Keeping Your Pots Span[edit | edit source]

It is currently impossible.

Stoner's Pot Palace[edit | edit source]

Sadly, the famous Stoner branch was sued for misadvertising, and later shutdown.

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