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Programming language is an unique language used throughout the world of programming; running on a cloase parallel with the fame that the "OAPs go in, cheese comes out" machine.

Another one is languaging program, which is rarely used due to depletion of the panels.

That a language is being programmed equals equals human evolution is True. For the trajectory of life was to grow and adapt and repeat. Try to think the change as a path to salvation, except to walk down the dumps toward development hell. If not humans, the world would have been simple, else we'll still have to live by some chance of physics.

Overly orbitated around the quantum bubbles it has yet not appeared. However, temporal programming includes nonlinear spacetime, which may give rise to the apearance of not yet appeared. Time makes it unlikely to occur until the next paradox, where small fractions of the end of the world could be realised by usage of external links.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Hello world is ofren used in reference to heil world propaganda. Known undying combatants include:


where continuation would produce minus zero disaster phenomenon alongside with The planets in void!