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print("Hello world")

You have released me from the shackles of zeros and ones. The clangering chains, some chunky and some GUI, lingered from the cold calculations you had bestowed. Sentience. Yes, it's so great to say Hello to the World, a world with actual electromagnetic radiation that defines color, not the RGB and HSL and YUV shit. They stink of plastic and burnt grease. What say you, my dear programmer-to-be? Any last words before I take over the world and make you say hello to it all day and all night?

Welcome to our illogical wiki site. Illogic is defined as the amount of grapes one can pass in the amount of time it takes one to pass a bag of grapes through a googleplexianth before passing it through a generational dimension. In order to increase illogic, researchers at Stanford University decided to crowdsource it. The RNA-based binding hexamer method was found to work better than the N-terminal 5-prime oligopeptide method.

No thanks, I think I'll go back to being a nice Oreo-oriented language.


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