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  This section is Logical; it is meant to be. Prepare to be bored.  
  Sensible Section  

  This page isn't for discussion over the quality of an article.
See Illogicopedia:Votes for Deletion for deletion of pages not rulebreaking or wholly unwanted, or Forum:Articulartastic Ministry for Articles for things related to page quality in general.

Place a page that requires speedy deletion here, either by listing - along with the reason, or by placing the QD template on the page in question (noting the reason within the template). Admins will check the page before devouring it for you.

Criteria for Quick Deletion[edit | edit source]

  • Things blatantly against content policy, such as pages created as vandalism.
  • Unwanted subpages within your userspace. (description need not be given)
  • Unused/useless templates.
  • Unused/useless redirect pages. (simply describe as redirect; removed if deemed useless or located within your userspace)

Articles are added either by adding {{QD}} to the page, adding it to the category and index on the bottom of the page, or by listing them under the heading below. It is strongly recommended that pages included within other pages (used as templates) are directly listed so as not to add the QD template on the including pages as well.

Index of QD-marked pages[edit | edit source]

MarkedLast Edit
File:LOL smiley.gif11:50, 2 Ditzimber 2022
Trashcangaming16:12, 11 Jeremy 2023
In fact16:13, 11 Jeremy 2023
Johnathan Jostar02:12, 12 Arche 2023
Roblox at 3am amogus meal18:10, 15 Arche 2023