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Flubnug.jpg Warning
This article involves Flub Nugget. If any kind of defiance is made against it the remains of Flub Nugget that are sprinkled around this article's text will active, unleashing the power of The Magical Banana.

Warning: The contents of this article are severely random. At any point in this rambling paragraph you may feel the need to screech like a mad man, fart on a pretzel and/or put on a gold sweater vest. You have been warned.

An announcer picks up his head-set and put it on. He flicked a switch and a small buzzing noise came.[edit | edit source]

"In a world were ding dongs and apple dippers ruled all of the world only one man can save humanity. His name is...........Flub Nugget." he said while he was eating a banana juice box covered with dirt. He continued "Flub Nugget speaks all 7,000 languages in the world and can fart on a pretzel. He will save us from the blue cheese monsters and the chizznuggle wings. The lasers of his brain will melt your face off just in the pure awesomeness of them. Hitting each other with brooms like snowmen eating carrots you will be amazed. The AK-47s in storage, he will need no need for them. Only his bananas in his earholes will he use." Breathing deeply now, the announcer, his eyes bloodshot, raised his head and coughed. He coughed again and again and again and finally, choked. Unconscious, he lay there until......CRASH!!!!

Funky[edit | edit source]

There in the wall was a big hole. In the hole stood Flub Nugget!!!! He took some magic saliva and put it in the man's nose. He took an onion and left it in his ear. He screeched like a madman " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" the man woke up. He gasped and looked around; no one was there. All there was was a poodle, dragging his butt around. In the distance Flub Nugget glanced proudly. He took a booger and licked it: cherry he thought. Although, the booger was clearly apple.

Then he said " ba jibble " !!!! The announcer, clearly dazed, continued. " Flub Nugget has a neon pink alfro and wears a gold sweater vest." he said. The announcer glanced over uneasily at the poodle, who was now urinating on the rug. When he inhaled the scent of the urine it caused him to gag and choke, again. Flub Nugget came down the chimney in a red suit. " What?" he said and ripped off the suit to reveal the golden sweater vest. "Aww... didn't I just revive this guy?". Just then a little boy came up and said" Can I have your autograph?". Flub Nugget sighed took out a pickle and scribbled something on a napkin. " Here you go little man." and he handed it over. The boy glanaced at the soggy napkin. " Hey! This says George Washington! Why I oughta-". He was cut off because Flub Nugget flicked him all the way to Japan.

Magic saliva[edit | edit source]

Now, Flub Nugget took some magic saliva put it in the man's nose. Next he took an onion and stuck it in his ear. "LaLAaLALAAAALAAALAAAA!!!!!!" he screeched. The man woke up and Flub Nugget farted magic stink on him. "Aaaaaak! Whew what's that smell!?" he said. He looked around. Nothing was there except that dumb poodle, sniffing the man's butt. "Get out of here!" he bellowed and punted the poodle into garbage can. In the distance Flub Nugget sat on a lawn chair and sipped a lemon ice tea." What? Did you expect me to do that all over again? Well, I'm not so get off my lawn!" he said, although he was sitting in front of the local Burger King and not, his house. Then he said " Hey! Can I get some ketchup for these cookies?" And a waitress came out and threw a bingo chip at him so, he flicked her too.

MYBUTT[edit | edit source]

Flub Nugget then turns into a shark. He finds a few palm trees, and shakes them until a bunch of trains fall down. He is then instructed by a random voice to place the trains inside an apple, and so he does exactly that. Then, a bunch of turkeys appear and eat the apple, and then go up the surrounding waterfalls while a bunch of disembodied monkey butts appear. Flub Nugget then concludes that to get them down, he needs to collect the monkey butts, and then drop the monkey butts on power lines. He collects the monkey butts, making sure to put them on the power lines, and then the turkeys come down...