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This article involves Flub Nugget. If any kind of defiance is made against it the remains of Flub Nugget that are sprinkled around this article's text will active, unleashing the power of The Magical Banana.
A rare photograph of Flubicus Johnsun Nugget, taken in 1996.

Flubicus Johnsun Nugget, Flub Nugget for short, is the greatest man who ever lived. He was born in Guatemala, 1972. He died in 2008 when he was blasted into Outer Space by Silent Penguin, as the atmosphere had turned him into dust. Flub Nugget speaks all 7,000 languages in the world. He was the creator and previous owner of The Magic Banana. Flub Nugget's only relative is his evil, jealous dog, Doodad. In 1993, Doodad stole Flub Nugget's Magic Banana for he knew of its ULTIMATE POWER.

Through a series of unfortunate events Flub Nugget won the banana back. In 2007, there was another war over the banana, which revealed that Spongebob is Doodad's father. In 2008 a few months later, there was a final battle for the banana which resulted in Spongebob dying. This adventure was a cliff hanger, not mentioning what ever happened to the banana. Ten years before all of this (1983) Flub Nugget went on his first adventure. The Magical Banana makes a small cameo in this adventure, though its name is not mentioned. Also it states that there is actually two bananas! WHAT?!?! Quote: "Only the bananas in his earholes will he use". That said ba-nan-a-zzzzz!!!!!!! Wait. Where is the other banana? Ah who cares I'm breaking the fourth wall! Ok back to the article... Ahem...as I was saying... Shortly before his death, Flub Nugget battled The OMG Scary Alien. A chronicle of the battle is here. Flub Nugget had a neon pink afro and a golden sweater vest. Once, he wore a red suit.

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The Magic Banana[edit | edit source]

A diagram of The Magic Banana, found in Flub Nugget's private study.
See also: Flub Nugget's Experimentations and Discoveries on The Magic Banana

Flub Nugget's experiments with the aspects of The Magic Banana were often secret. He would go into his basement and explore the many powers of it. His research would later prove vital to the creation of ?pedia's logo. After his death by a bomb, the Magic Banana floated through the infinite voids of outer space. Until fifteen years after the death of Flub Nugget, it was discovered by the first bird in space and used to create a logo for a certain website. Flub Nugget's Experimentations and Discoveries on The Magic Banana are recorded in small excerpts here.

The OMG Scary Alien[edit | edit source]

In his comeback years, Flub Nugget had a deadly battle with The OMG Scary Alien. It was a long and dragged out battle, but eventually the two became friends, but just as the stopped fighting, Silent Penguin killed both of them.

Other[edit | edit source]

In a brief TV episode, Flub Nugget teamed up with Batman but killed him for Flub Nugget is not a side-kick. Although not listed in any textbook in the world it is said that Flub Nugget was the real winner of THE SUPREME ULTIMATE BATTLE FOR THE WORLD, not Chuck Norris. The current whereabouts of The Magical Banana are still to this day, unknown. Flub Nugget appeared in a brief cameo in the trailer of the new Godzilla movie and was shown battling Godzilla. After going into a frenzy while watching the newest episode of "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" Flub Nugget subsided his rage with a watermelon and decided to run for president. He lost, ultimately, to George W. Bush. (What a shame).

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Flub Nugget was a great man. He was a leading expert in Banana Physics and died young. We know not where his body lay now. But we do know it is not laying but floating among the stars. Literally. We do know this: The Death Star was powered by Flub Nugget's crinkled remains. After his death, an award was dedicated to him. This award is given only to those proved "wprthy". They are proved wprthy, not worthy, because people who are given the award are so awesomely awesome because of their wprthyness they cannot sit under the term worthy.

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