Random MSN chats

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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

Blue: Mmm... Subway *snickers*
Tori Belliachi: Mmm... Snickers.... *bounty*
Bungle Bear: ewwww - bounty XD
Tori Belliachi: It's made of coconut =o
Bungle Bear: i dont like bounty :P
Bungle Bear: even the strongest soaker-upper :P
Tori Belliachi: :?
Tori Belliachi: It'sa coconut and chocolate D=
Blue: I used to love Bounty n..n Not had one for a while though.
Bungle Bear: cadbury's caramel = love :P
Tori Belliachi: Fruit and Nut =3
Bungle Bear: you're a fruit :P
Tori Belliachi: You're a nut!
Tori Belliachi: You're crazy in the coconut!
Tori Belliachi: (But what does that mean?)
Tori Belliachi: That boy needs therapy!
Bungle Bear: XD