Rant on Rants

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You know, every day someone emails me, and you know what?

They rant, they say my blog is not funny!

You know what I say about you people, I read your blog, you no funny also!


Ranting is stupid, it just make people feel stupid, so don't rant on my email, you want to rant, go rant on your own email so you can feel important. Ya, you go rant on your OWN email!! So don't rant on mine!! When you rant, you always spell bad, so why you bother ranting, if you want to rant so badly (partly because you do rant badly anyway), get English lesson first, go to too-wee-shun, or whatever they call it, and learn English, you can't spell, so lousy, cannot rant! YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO RANT!!!!! Not like me, I can rant!


Wait, then why I bother rant on ranting?

Ah, to hell with it.