Reaction Man

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Reaction Man
Reaction Man
Deputy: My Face When
Nationality: Artwork
Term of office: The PastThe Future
Preceded by: Troll Face
Succeeded by: Awesome Face
Date of birth: The Past
Place of birth: MS Paint
Date of death: Not dead yet
Place of death: Not dead yet
Spouse: n/a
Political party: Your Personal Army

Reaction Man is an Internet superhero. Whenever there is trouble on the Internet, Reaction Man is there to save the day.

The many personas of Reaction Man[edit]

Due to the wide variety of problems that plague the Internet, Reaction Man has to take on many different personas in order to fix them all.

The personas of Reaction Man[edit]

Reaction Man's various catchphrases[edit]

The Comrade[edit]

“Is there a Russian in need of whitening? I can do that.”

Jesus Christ[edit]

“Is there a soul in need of saving? I can do that.”

The Klansman[edit]

“Is there a minority in need of lynching? I can do that.”


“Is there a glitch in need of fixing? I can do that.”


“Is there a ghost in need of eating? I can do that.”

The Pothead[edit]

“Is there some pot in need of smoking? I can do that.”

The Racist Stereotype[edit]

“Is there a white guy in need of alienating? I can do that.”

Ash Ketchum[edit]

“Is there a Pokémon in need of training? I can do that.”