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Sadiojfasioduipofas was a Greek ruler between the years 1937 and 1937. He was known for his obsessive rule-setting, and many criticised him for creating and enforcing some rather ridiculous laws. On one memorable occasion, he decided that the colour green was so vile, anyone caught even thinking about it would have their toenails removed and forced into their eyeballs.

Unsurprisingly, he lost his popularity as a leader extremely quickly, and was overthrown within 7 months of gaining the post. What is surprising however, is that he managed to have himself re-elected just 2 months later by wearing a fake beard and telling everyone he would raise the standards of living in Greece if he were put into power.

After regaining his seat of power, he removed his fake beard, and laughed hard as a country-wide moan erupted. A few hours later he enforced his first rule as the new old leader, which was that only people called Sadiojfasioduipofas could ever rule Greece. He was safe there, because no-one else would ever have such a stupid name. No-one is sure why he did. Most believe his parents thought it would be funny.

A master of disguise, Sadiojfasioduipofas fooled Greece with his fake beard and eye-glasses

He held leadership of Greece for 12 years before being once again challenged by the angry masses. This time, rather than just throw him from power, they decided more must be done, so the threw him from power, and nicked his fake beard stash (which was 3,500 strong). Believing they were safe, the people moved on with their lives.

Despite all that had happened, Sadiojfasioduipofas was still itching to once again take control of Greece. He constructed a master plan over the next 5 years which he would put into motion at the next election (Who'da thunk it, there were over 600 Sadiojfasioduipofas's in Greece and all of them were running for leadership).

On the day, over 12 Greeks turned out to observe the election speeches and vote. As the day rolled on, fears that Sadiojfasioduipofas would somehow re-surface gradually died away, as did the long lines of hopefuls putting their ideas forward in a bid to be leader. Eventually, the voting was narrowed down to just 2 Sadiojfasioduipofas's, each promising a stronger tomorrow, better-educated kids, and other cliche election crap. The votes were submitted and counted, and the winner had his hand raised in victory. A chill travelled over the arena. The masses held their collective breath and waited, expectant, but unsure of what to expect. Then Sadiojfasioduipofas ran onto the stage and shot the winner several times with an AK-47.

After holding all of Greece hostage for 3 days, Sadiojfasioduipofas was finally granted leadership of Greece. His next first rule was that only Sadiojfasioduipofas's who were currently leader could ever be leader, and the Greeks were stumped as to how they could escape his clutches without resorting to violence, which they despised intensely. So they shot him and became a Democracy. That is how politics works.