Shacaca and the poodle

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One day, Shacaca was out in the snow when he met up with a poodle. They loved to do "things" together. Suddenly they teleported in a darkened room. 'How did we get here?' asked Shacaca. They wished they were still at Home Depot. 'How on earth did that happen?' said his friend, and started to search his pockets. Suddenly they realised that poodles do not have pockets. They looked around for a hiding place from the Boogey Man and then they saw a train coming towards them. 'That was a close one' said Shacaca. 'I've got an idea' said the poodle.'Let's join a circus and ride on a magic carpet .' They got to the store safely and to this day they always think twice before going into the hall of mirrors at the fair.