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In cheese science, a shub is the fifth layer of a meep's sherb. Shubs are very explosive things, if even slightly bumped they will explode in a duck shaped debris cloud, destroying both the meep's sherb and the meep itself.

Meeps are very careful when around their sherb, because they are very accident prone and bump things a lot. This means that if a meep is not careful, it will bump its sherb, resulting in the shub being bumped and the shub exploding. The meeps have found a way to reduce the chances of them bumping their sherb, but the method is top secret and must not be told to any human at all. All we know so far is that the method involves a strange liquid that is also top secret.

External links[edit]

  • [1] A site that studies the anatomy of a meep, this link links to the page about the 5th layer of a sherb, the shub.
  • [2] A site that studies strange phenomena, this link links to the page about the explosion of a shub.

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