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“Oh, skelly skelly. Skelly skelly, skelly skelly skele-tron!”

~ Skeletor fans

“Behold the gaseous stench of Skeletor's breakfast burrito”

~ Skeletor on Robot Chicken car fart "trap"
Skeletor at Thorpe Park with his best friend Dave, seen on the left.

Skeletor was a pharmacist in the make-believe land of New Orleans. He was recently arrested for the poison and rape of He-Man and his cat.

Pre demonic skeleton days[edit]

Skeletor wasn't always an evil skeleton. He had lush, beautiful skin before he got arthritis. He began to find it hard to eat as the food just passed through him and onto his lap. Doctors resorted to hooking his bony body up to a permanent syringe containing nutrients and... oh wait, that was Kate Moss.


Skellie is a living bone marrow donator.