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Social Justice Warriors are an elite group of warrior knight-monk-ninjas trained at a retreat on the remote peak of Mount Academia. Their deadliness surpasses reason. (and evidence, and any sort of justification for that matter) They are bad-ass assassins who will WRECK YOUR SHEET. Do not tangle with SJWs under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, very little is known about their fighting style or tactics, because they have never yet left a single opponent alive to tell the tale. Everything known about these mysterious figures comes from forensic evidence and seances, in which ghosts were contacted for posthumous eyewitness accounts.

One thing which all accounts agree on is that the Social Justice Warrior culture is a completely matriarchal society. Men are maintained only as absolutely necessary for reproductive purposes. These men are called, "manginas." You can tell a mangina by his completely defeated demeanor, wracked with guilt for being a rapist after a lifetime of being told that everything he does or says or even thinks is rape somehow.

Before they descend upon any given city, they have been known to warn it by publishing articles declaring it's inhabitants to be dead, before they descent upon the city to kill everyone inside in their beds.

The best strategy for taking on a Social Justice Warrior is to count to zero and RUN THE F*** AWAY!

If you are thinking about threatening or harassing a Social Justice Warrior, think again. Them biatches is cray-cray.


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