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#GamerGate is a vast right wing conspiracy of white supremacist misogynists to prevent women and minorities from working in video games by using death threats, bullying and harassment. That's why so many people support it. Nothing is quite as popular as stopping women and minorities from working on video games. Get all them nigger biatches the f*** out, that's what I say. Get out me country. Go back to where y'all came from. Imma keel yew turrist fellers.

Meanwhile, there is nothing wrong with game developers sleeping with journalists who review their games without telling anyone, and it's perfectly normal for hobbyist magazines to run a series of articles announcing that the hobby they cover is dead all on the same day. Golf magazines, car magazines and other similar hobbyist publications do that all the time. It's perfectly normal and definitely not ideologically screwed up beyond all reason.

Because objectivity is a silly thing to strive for. We should all just get money, fight bullshit and make sure those that have screwed Zoe Quinn stand the longest, and that is a long ass list. I'm gonna run out of hard disk space.

Ethically mispronounced, wrongly horrible[edit | edit source]

GamerGate in our opinion is the worst thing ever OK. It's those horrible journalists that are saying nonsense all that.

Some quotes[edit | edit source]

“Get out! Get out! I don't want to see you!”

~ EB Games when my sister tried to buy FIFA 15

“What do you mean? It's not like there is a conspiracy to get women out of the video gaming industry”

~ Reggie Fils-Aime

“You are a disgrace!”

“I will punish those horrible journalists who have driven Anita Sarkeesian from her house!”


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