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Or, St. Louisian who read Wikipedia's entry on Hegelianism one time and didn't understand the point of it

Triadic development[edit | edit source]

Triadic development is basically the idea that there's a thing called a thesis, and then there's going to be an antithesis, which is its opposite. Then the antithesis and the thesis combine and make a new thesis, which is just the old thesis, but a lot deeper. And it applies to EVERYTHING.

This is why I don't understand why Hegel is lumped in with Nietzsche as a postmodernist. Postmodernists reject metanarratives, and Hegel is just trying to fit EVERYTHING into this abstract metanarrative.

Becoming[edit | edit source]

Is there a deep connection between TRIADIC DEVELOPMENT and BECOMING?

Rationalism[edit | edit source]

Rationalism is the idea that only the rational is real. What universe is Hegel living in. Criminal psychology is not rational, so we can conclude that criminal psychology, and thus crime, does not exist. But that's not all! Human beings themselves only exist under a certain school of libertarianism, as they assume humans are rational actors.