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Steve Irwin is the colloquial name the Jew community uses when reffering to a large collection, or possé of duvet covers.

Before the great domestication of 1882 Duvet covers were successful apex invertebrates, roaming the planes in search of the plentiful aerial liquitabs it fed from. With no natural predators the Steve Irwins quickly grew into really obese Steve Irwins (cities) and alongside their less developed cousin, the pillow, complex societies quickly formed. This was a boon time for planet earth as duvet societies were only really flights of whimsy in my imagination, and therefore didn't require fossil fuels to keep things ticking. It was in this period the chocolate testicle was invented, marking the advent of duvet space travel.

However this peaceful existance wasn't too last. No, like the fart that coems out a little bit too wet, something tangible smeared itself into the underpants of the world. Uncyclopedia. Uncyclopedia disliked the pro-age overtones of duvetest society, and so sought to end it. After much debating on the forum and penis jokes on IRC channel it came forth with a plan. A plan so flawless it caused all establishments to simultaneously have their floors dissapear, catapulting the occupants helplessly into the fierey abyss beneath the crust.

Uneccessary Title[edit]

Uncyclopedia put duvet society up for VFD. Head kitten molester Olipro presided over the decision, having been deemed the most "likely to preside over an important decision regarding the destruction of duvet society" in the yearbook. His assssissssstant Hindleyak, deemed "most likely to chew grass and say Moo at the same time", asssissssstssssssesssssd him. The duvets made their rational reasonable defense, Uncyclopedia paid wikia to throw their domain name at an old lady, it was set for a tense finish. Other wikis trembled, hiding behind the larger ones, only wikipedia was brave enough to attend the trial. (Though the factual accuracy of this statement is questionable.) Both sides fell silent, confusing several deaf people.

The resonating sound of the gavel hitting the plywood deck filled the courtroom. A decision had been reached. "I hearby pronounce" said Olipro, breathing heavily into the dead silence of the courtroom "I pronounce that yes, I would sleep with my mother if it meant I got to sleep with Megan Fox." The duvets collectively breathed a sigh of relief. Which was the single most astonishing thing to have happened, seeing as duvets have no respiratory system. Freaked out Olipro threw his hammer into the flunchy crows, screaming "EVIL!" Thus began the systematic genocide of the duvets.

Many years later, the last Steve Irwin was finally found hiding inside a hidden room above the shop of a Jewish man, all duvets being bound, gagged and collectively smothered with Stingray themed duvet covers.