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means relax. Think qwop. No think west. & fokis.

Because of federal budget cuts imposed by the Fair Play For Cuba Act, that's all I'm allowed to say. I could get fired for even telling you this. Nach das Spiel muss ich die Hosen geben. I need to get to Canada NOW!!. There are way too many farts in 5 cubic meters to handle in a physiologically healthy way.

Just remember, C=W. It looks ionic, but neau. You're all forgetting that nucleobase excision repair is the pathway utilized by the 45S proteasome after cytosine is incorporated as a nucleoside.

Let's see how the other students are doing[edit | edit source]

Lousy attempt[edit | edit source]

q w

q w

o p

q o

w p What's the cheat code?

p o

w q

Betterer[edit | edit source]

woooo qppppp wooooo qppppp woooooo r

woooo qpppp woooo qpppp woooo qpppp woooooo

woooooo qppppp wooooo qppppp wooooo qpppp wooooo qppppp

wooooo qpppp wooo qppppp woooo

wooooo qppppp wooooo qppppp wooooooo qpppppp

wooooo qppppp woooo qppppp wooooo qpppppp

The guy who's going to take over my job some day*[edit | edit source]

wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp wo qp

Wow, automatic A, but,, just stop. No one's supposed to get this far. You're going to destroy the universe.

  • 6 June 2016

Why you should come here anyway[edit | edit source]

When you create a gift to treasure Brindisi, you have a gift destroyed after the floods of tears. To narrow it out, murder pointing straight up. I will give you there a root of such floods. It is said to be a heck of nuclear weapons after the center of the car.