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Cheats for Super Mario 64 from Fake Cheats.

Bowser's Castle[edit | edit source]

In order to reach Bowser's castle from the evil painting on the reft, one must collect 34 coins, eat a sub sandwich, and lastly beat up Boo. Now you should be transported to Bowser's castle and you will lose all of your lives upon entering! Good job!

Unlock Justin Bieber[edit | edit source]

First, collect 100 stars, and then see Toad for some prayer before making the worst decision of your life. Then, you must eat a Big Mac. Then Mario will disappear and you will now play as Justin Bieber. You will suck and die. If you want to change back to Mario, you can't. You made the awful decision in the first place. Shame, shame.

Lose 2 lives at once[edit | edit source]

Eat Boo and collect a coin. You just lost 2 lives.

Stop playing the game[edit | edit source]

“This is what I've actually wanted you to do all along”

~ Mom

First, smash your Nintendo 64 into the ground. Then, eat the pieces. Then sell your TV to a hobo. You now have stopped playing the game! Good job!