Super Mario RPG Cheats

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These cheats for Super Mario RPG are totally illegal and may void the warranty of your SNES. That's why Nintendo keeps them secret and doesn't write about them, and deletes pages from the Internet that talk about them. Because, y'know, Nintendo (along with Square Enix) thinks that Super Mario RPG is totally important and something that they ought to be paying significant attention to in 2015. That's why we saw Geno in the new Smash Bros: because they're planning a sequel.

Stay at Mushroom Motel for free[edit | edit source]

First, you must eat 12 mushrooms. Then you must wear your pants lower than a rapper. Then you must eat 100 honey syrups. Then you must beat 243 Goombas and 354 Koopas in Mushroom Way. Then you can stay in the Mushroom Hotel for free and watch The Colbert Report. And then you will probably die.

Beat Smithy in one hit[edit | edit source]

First in Smithy's hoard, go in the room on the right and press the $ button. Then go to Nasty King and order a Triple Bopper. Then go back to Seaside Town and swim to California. Then buy and eat a Hershey bar. Then Mr. Krabs will appear and award you a shoe. Wear it and go back to Smithy's hoard and go to his lair and hit him once. You have won!

100,000,000,000,000 Coins[edit | edit source]

Go down to Seaside Town and stay in the storage room for 600 hours. Instead of waiting, go to a week's vacation in Georgia. After that, go back to your game and Dr. Phil will give 100,000,000,000,000 coins.