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“I thought it would be funny to put a virus in my operating system; sorta like the Anti-Christ for computers. Shame people didn't get the joke.”

~ Bill Gates on System32

System32 is an advance computer virus. It will slowly degrade your computer and eventually shut it down forever. This virus comes pre-packaged with all Windows based computers, and as of yet it is not known by Microsoft how to get rid of it from the manufacturing.


You ever notice how your computer seems to get worse and worse? System32. It's so advanced that Anti-virus programs cannot see it. Microsoft has fortunately put out a fix for this, however. if you go to Start>My Computer and right-click the infected drive (99 times out of 100 it is the C: drive.) You right-click the C: drive, and click "Format". The virus-scum that is known as System32 will do it's absolute best to stay on with warnings that seem legitimate. They are not. They are made by the System32 virus. Once you click "Format", you will probably have to go through a series of menus. These are self-explanatory. This will make your computer run good as new!

Pretty much this[edit]

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