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What the godhead? I wrote this? XY007 (talk - contribs - business) 04:19, 18 Arply 2017 (UTC)

Come on! let's sing it!
Armchair, armchair, I love you
Armchair, armchair, you love me too
It's funny how I
Develop such a fondness for inanimate objects
Like this armchair
OK, that first verse managed to rhyme
But this second one? No, I haven't the time!
Armchairs are very good for sitting in on cold winter days
And I don't know much else
You obviously beat the very likes of a footstool
As well as a standard chair
Because it's true you are the only one which possesses any arms
And is good for watching sports in
If being a piece of furniture was an Olympic sport
Then you'd undoubtedly win gold
For armchair, you.... are.... the....
best in show!
Contrib...wait, wrong sign!
04:45, 18 Arply 2017 (UTC)