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Teen Girl Squad is a squad of metahuman teen girls from the DC Animated Universe.

Super powers common to the entire squad[edit]

  • Dying.
  • Feeling pain.
  • Dying painfully.
  • Still talking when dead.
  • Being made of ... pencil.
  • Being crudely drawn stick figures.
  • Always coming back to life for another episode.

Individual super powers[edit]

  • Cheerleader - Not being a cheerleader, attracting boys, using voice to humiliate other people.
  • So-and-So - Brainstorming and over-achieving at all things IQ-related. Unknown to the other members of the squad, So-and-So has a villainous alter-ego known as The Over-Achiever Bandit that illegally does other people's pre-algebra homework without reward.
  • Whats-Her-Face - Unknown. Whats-Her-Face's powers do not remain consistent from episode to episode.
  • The Ugly One - Being so ugly that it kills people to look at her, similar to Medusa. By far, the most powerful member of the Teen Girl Squad. UGLY'd!

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