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Yournamehere's favorites

What's this?[edit]

It's for favoriting pages.

How do I fav page?[edit]

  1. Add {{Template:Favorites|yourusername}} to your userpage
  2. Add {{Template:Fav|yourusername}} (or {{Template:Fav|yourusername|small}} if you like it small) to the talk page of each of your favorite articles
  3. That's it!

But I don't like the big thing that spans the whole page![edit]

Format it yourself, then.


Just copypaste that into your code, so you'd have {{Favorites|yourusername|format=\n*[[%TITLE%]]}}

and you get this nice list

or {{Favorites|yourusername|format=\n*[[%TITLE%|<font style="color:magenta">%TITLE% </font>]]}}

or even

{{Favorites|yourusername|format=<font color="red">♥</font>[[%TITLE%|<font size="3pt">%TITLE% </font>]]}}

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Got it?