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BATCHAP!!!!!!, Indeed

“Nanananananananana..... BATCHAP!!!!!! Indeed.”

~ Robinchap

“I must remember to put two lumps of sugar in my tea next time.”

~ Batchap on why he failed to catch the Joker

“Really, Winthorpe?”

~ Annoying robot

Batchap is the British Batman. He can be distinguished from regular Batman by his perfect Queen's English and inability to express emotion. That, and he has a large Union Jack on his chest.

Despite his British accent, Batchap is a good guy.


Like the original Batman, Batchap has no powers, but has some pretty good gadgets, including:

  • Automatic tea-maker
  • Crumpet cooker
  • A record player with Beatles records. ("Helter Skelter" drives bad guys CRAZY!!)
  • A watch that buzzes when both hands point to "Pimm's o' clock"
  • His only useful weapon, a top hat he stole from a Bond villain.

Enemies Of Batchap[edit]

  • The Joker, he always steals Batchap's sugar thinking that it's funny, yes!
  • ManChap A chap who can turn into many different types of chaps, most famous for stealing the very identity of Robinchap. This drove Batchap craaaaazy, but they made up over some tea and crumpets.
  • Earl Grey The Dastardly aristocrat who uses his influence in high society to snub Batchap with petty feuds. A member of the Gentlemens Club.
  • TeaWoman Earl Grey's sidekick. She is often quoted as saying "revenge is a cup best served cold," which is fair enough as no one likes a cold cup of tea.#
  • The Pearly King Ineffectual Cockney scum.
  • Stinging Nettle Batchap and her became enemies after having an argument over how they should water their gardens.
  • The Lower Classes Batchap has much contempt for anyone without a second home, often smashing croquet balls into their shins or having his chauffeur run them down. Bloody peasants.

Relationship with Penguin[edit]

Batchap has never been seen or spotted in the same comic, cartoon, film or cheesy old school live action television series with the Penguin. This has led some fans to speculate that Batchap is actually a reformed Penguin in disguise - due to his having a top hat with spikes in it. A cross-over comic between Batchap and Silent Penguin might resolve this difficulty.

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