Texas Chainsaw Manicure

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The Texas Chainsaw Manicure is a treatment originally invented by the lunatics of Runefaust. Their greatest accomplishment to this date, it especially comes to shine when it comes to its capabilities of curing any manic with great force.

The basics of the treatment consist of tickling the patient with a Texan chainsaw, making them exlaim "heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeee" until they begin to feel better. Then, the Shining Force of the treatment crawls backwards and smacks the practitioner squarely in the triangular face with a sine, making the face glow red. Why the practictioner has a triangular face remains a mystery, but without exception, such is acquired during the intense training required to fully master the art of tickling people with chainsaws.

Once the nose has completed, the mushroom floats atop a platform consisting of moons. This has been found to be of great help to the patient, who is undoubtedly very grateful to see such a miraculously furious apparition recursively moon itself.