The Adventures of Lampshade Man

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Look Out Here Comes......uhhh what was my line again????...Oh yeah OK. Look Out Here Comes.... DANG![edit | edit source]

Behold his power!

Lampshade Man was flying through the night breeze like a half eaten candy bar. His butt itched. A lot. But Lampshade Man did not care as he was just returning from a awesome victory. He was playing Halo 2 with A Cereal Box and had won a juggernaut match. "Boo Ya!" he had screamed into the face of the unussualy large sized Krabby Patty. Now, Lampshade Man was landing in the abandoned corn maze in which his secret lair was located.

"My lair's just around this corner....a" "DANGIT! A DEAD END!"[edit | edit source]

After wandering through various twists and turns, a theme park, and two vending machines Lampshade Man had sucessfully made his way to His secret lair's entrance. As he entered his underground manision he turned to his secretary and said "Hey, you seen Neh?". The secretary simply pointed to the doorway of Lampshade Man's private office. Lampshade Man busted down the door expecting to find a vicious pack of rabid rusty razor blade wielding man eating cabybaras only to find his pet gerbil Neh licking his fur. With one swipe of his hand he smacked the gerbil silly and ate him whole.

Nightly Activities[edit | edit source]

Just then every single phone in Lampshade Man's office rang. "Hello!" "No, I don't." "Ok" "Look lady I don't want any cookies!!" he yelled into the assortment of telephones. "Time for bed!" he said. Lampshade Man decided to change his name. The author like the name Burnaflargh but, Lampshade Man didn't. He liked Larry. But the author liked Jerry better. "Your name will be Nooruulsolofer and you will like it!!!!!!!!" screamed the author in a girly voice. Lampshade Man decided that he should be the author if the article was about him and he joined Illogicopedia as Lampshades are my thing and got Raggle Fraggle King banned. "Haha!" he said. Now, since Lampshade Man was the author of The Adventures of Lampshade Man he decided to rename himself Larry.

Redirect...(sigh)[edit | edit source]

Larry decided that since his name was now Larry he must move The Adventures of Lampshade Man to The Adventures of Larry. So click on the link to continue the story.

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