That council house

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“Which council house?”

“That one”

~ Ben

“Oh right. It's quite obvious now you mention it. I mean there is a huge blown up image of it below.”

~ Testostereich

“No probs mate”

~ Ben
If you look closely you can see it. What is it? Well, all the better to see you with, my dear.

The flat and its history[edit | edit source]

The council house was originally used as a strip club for rapists. Unfortunately Jimmy Savile came in one day with a Uzi and shot them all down. As he left the room, with the gun still smoking, he placed a timed bomb in the microwave and cooked on defrost. The bottom half of the building was destroyed, but Savile remained unharmed.

After it was rebuilt by a slave workforce of lesbian criminals. Unfortunately this led to an anti gh3y protest which severely divided the newly settled accommodators. Such unrest lead to immense tension in which Chewbacca broke the silence and kicked some homo ass. Jimmy then fixed it for them by killing all inhabitants of the council house, then leaving.

For many years no one dared enter the building. Rats set up a colony which eventually succumbed to an outbreak of rat aids.

In 1942, Winston Churchill studied the flats. He proclaimed 'fo shizzle' and declared the place a asylum for the homeless. Sadly (or not, depending on your opinion) the hobos encountered the rat aids while staying and fell to the same fate. In 1986 Margaret Thatcher attempted to knock the place down. This was foiled by one eyed poets which bored the Tory Party shitless.

Eventually in 2008, the then Ba jibble party took on the task of removing the rat aids in hope of settling there. They succeeded but went bust in the housing market collapse and sold it off to a bunch a Super Japanese gangstas. On reformation to the Mad Moron Confederation they morbidly murdered the gangstas and returned.

The MMC are currently in residence. The rat aids is no longer a problem. Jimmy Savile regularly visits but rarely does anything but shoot innocent passers by.