The Army of Pi

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The Unstoppable Forces of 3.14159265358797232, more commonly known as The Army of Pi is a group of crazy mathematicians who have nothing better to do, and so they choose to go round, preaching the mightiness of that crazy number that looks like an n.


This group was formed in early-mid-late-2007/08/09, and was started by a nerd genius named Albert, but he probably wouldn't mind if you called him Bob, because Bob is an awesome name. He formed the group on popular dating social networking site Facebook, where he quickly gained 9,141,567 members to his group, which at the time was called "we <3 pie". He later changed this grammatical error to "we <3 pi" and lost 9,141,560 members. But him and his band of 7 faithful geeks mathematicians pushed onwards with their quest to get pi recognised by the outside world.

4 days later, another member left the group when he realised that what he was doing was a complete waste of life, and later became one of the world's most successful businessmen, leaving only 6 people to spread the awesomeness of the infinite number (it's not really infinite, it ends at the 1,303,476,299,016,730,459th digit).


After their group had existed for a month and had gained ZERO members, they decided to give up, go home, and watch Family Guy. But then they didn't, and instead they stuck up a load of posters that said stuff. Then they got loads of people to join them. Now... I have to make this article look longer. So, I'll keep blabbering about something you lost interest in ages ago. -ahem- After this turn of events, they gained 400 billion new members because everyone knows that sticking up posters increases your business by 30000%, and I don't care how mathematically incorrect that statement was, and I don't care that 400 billion is more than the population of the world, and I don't care that I spelt mathematically wrong.

With their 400 billion new members, they slowly began to take over the world, which they did, and now pi is the new religion... oh, wait, no it isn't... does that mean we failed?

... aaaalright, I just found out I wasn't supposed to tell you about pi being a religion. My bad. Wait... what was I talking about again? Oh right, pi. What a stupid topic. Who the hell chose to write about that? Oh, wait, it was me.

So, anyway, with their 400 billion new members, they slowly began to take over the world, which they almost did, and they plan to make pi the new religion to replace that one with the volcanoes and the demon souls... you know, that one. They are currently 3.141% compl33t with their task, and soon hope to take over the south-eastern part of the north-west section of southern west England.

The end.