The Dukes of Hasard

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Au Hasard

The Dukes of Hasard is a team consisting of 12 species of males. Everyone believes that they don't make you grow acrimonious, but I am a nonconformist, therefore I defend my rights to have sense. The Dukes of Hasard make you grow acrimonious all the time, and that goes to say that everyone is wrong. Again.

Bolhoedje only has fun quite often. Sometimes he masturbates.

The Dukes of Hasard consists of 12 males and 3 females that I'd forgotten earlier. The females are named "Dégradant", "Misogyne" and "Aucun d'Accord".

The males are 12 different species, but all of these species are unknown, so, I'm going to give them a name.

  1. Bolhoedje, who is, literally, a crowd of people.
  2. Cocotaise... when you crossbreed a cronyism with 2 elimination fashions. Although it's furrier.
  3. Subrétaci, she's a thing.
  4. Duke, the eponymous ringleader and mock-oranger.
  5. Qqqq'q,qq1qu. He's more Q than you!

And more!

There's a price for having access to more information. Therefore, our information will not eat the wrong foot.