The Great Adventure

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One day I was in bed and then POOF! I was in this forest. It was dark and scary. I looked around and saw a sword. I picked it up. Then I saw a monster. Quickly I used my level 56 mage skills to send a fire bolt flying into its chest. Sadly it was a fire monster so it didn't actually die. I ran to a small village and met Santa. I killed him.

Then I heard the fire monster coming into the town so I found a goblin and threw it at it. Sadly the goblin was a gas goblin, so the monster's powers increased. Luckily the rain started and the monster was turned black and dead.

I ran to Falador to tell the king I had killed it and he rewarded me with a princess and my own kingdom.


Then I woke up because it was a dream, of course. What a crappy ending. I tried to tell my parents that it was real but I was dragged me to jail.

I dropped the soap.