The Happy Tree Friends

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Moar liek Happy Tree Friends WITH BENEFITS LOL.

You know why they're so happy all the time? No, it's not perpetual sex. No, it's not drugs either. Yup, you guessed it. It's vacuum tubes.

Ah, the magic of vacuum tubes in making little trees happy.

Career in Indie Rock[edit]

The Happy Tree Friends experimented with music for a short period of time, creating the band Joy Division and selling over five million albums worldwide, raking in millions of dollars. Then they danced around, shot up some heroin through their vacuum tubes and all died simultaneous deaths.

“I find the Happy Tree Friends hilarious.”

~ Some 13 year old

“I find this article hilarious.”

“The Happy Tree Friends find Some 13 year old hilarious.”

“This article found out that The Happy Tree Friends are just Some 13 year olds.”

~ Hilarity