The Man In A Pan

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(An attempt to make the)
Longest Nonsensical Poem

Go on, add anything. Just make sure it rhymes, and each line begins with '#'.
Protip: use for rhymes


  1. There Once Was A Man
  2. Who Lived In A Pan
  3. You May Know Him, too
  4. He Got Some Glue
  5. Stuck to a Grue
  6. And Was Beaten With A Shoe


  7. The story goes on
  8. His name was Don
  9. And in the middle of the night
  10. His boots took flight
  11. But have no fear
  12. Batchap is here!
  13. MMF is queer
  14. Mike Tyson once bit a guy's ear
  15. "That made no sense", Don thought
  16. Going against all the poetry he'd taught
  17. Confuzzled, he was
  18. His ear had a buzz
  19. Must've been a bug, flying from the trees
  20. He shouted, "Oh fuck! I'm allergic to bees!"
  21. He ran in circles, the screams he made
  22. All because of a bee, he was trying to evade


  23. He realized the bee had been dead
  24. So the buzzing sound was in his head
  25. The mental institution he would dread
  26. Just water and moldy old bread
  27. "Wait, that's prison," he said aloud
  28. No one heard it but a lonely old cloud
  29. Don talking to no one made the cloud glad
  30. "Wow," he thought, "This man is surely mad"
  31. "Insanity is no passing fad,"
  32. "This is one 'special' lad!"
  33. But wouldn't you know
  34. The Cloud had to go
  35. And Don was eaten by a Grue
  36. O' were that actually true
  37. A cow might have said "moo"
  38. But as you knew,
  39. He stepped in some poo
  40. All over his shoe
  41. O, what to do?
  42. So Don's mind took flight
  43. He resolved his plight
  44. In the middle of the night
  45. And with all his might
  46. Humped a neon light
  47. And saw the fright
  48. Within a rat's eye
  49. Just as he was about to eat some pie
  50. He could not lie
  51. The rat must die
  52. So he did what was right
  53. The rat became a kite
  54. Quick as a brew,
  55. RatKite Flew!
  56. But then he got mad
  57. Because it turned to a fad
  58. And everyone imploded
  59. into golden erosions
  60. I ate myself
  61. Yum Yum *Belch*
  62. So then I met a bard
  63. He really was a 'tard
  64. And then I sucked my thumb
  65. And he shot it with a gun
  66. While chewing gum
  67. And converting a nun
  68. O' what a bum!
  69. So then I got digested
  70. And then I rested
  71. I woke with a fright
  72. In the middle of the night
  73. And then I was in a toilet
  74. With a glow-in-the-dark rolex
  75. And walked in my ex
  76. Where I found a multiplex
  77. And an elf named Alex
  78. We had a blast
  79. I needed a leg cast...


  80. That was a mess!
  81. But wouldn't you guess,
  82. This begins the story of Tess
  83. A woman no less
  84. She was under stress
  85. For she must confess,
  86. She murdered her dress
  87. Using her breast
  88. Nevertheless
  89. She felt blessed
  90. For she shaved off her bunions
  91. Using a Pork monger with onions
  92. She blasted her with a cannon of ions
  93. And a cannon of bosons
  94. Then leptons
  95. Then mesons
  96. Quantum physics is confusing
  97. My brain is oozing
  98. I think Im losing
  99. Or maybe just bruising
  100. They saw through my ruse!
  101. I drank too much booze
  102. So then I ate
  103. Some Cardboard cake
  104. And out came a rake
  105. The cake wasnt baked!
  106. It must be a fake!
  107. My name isnt drake!
  108. Its mr van helsing!
  109. Must I start belching?
  110. This misery is entrenching!


  111. And so I will fall
  112. Into the hall
  113. Curl up into a ball
  114. Then reach out to all
  115. And then stand tall
  116. As far as extraterrestrial electrogravitic propulsions go
  117. So...
  118. Eat your toe
  119. Go with the flow
  120. And dont smell your feet
  121. Or your bratwurst will treat
  122. You like a meat
  123. And Jimmy will eat your head
  124. Who is this Jimmy I speak of?
  125. No, not dead,
  126. He is a bird, a dove.
  127. It is so, my love.
  128. He smells like old hamburgers
  129. And eats McDonalds workers.
  130. They taste better than the burgers
  131. And penis jerkers
  132. But not English burghers
  133. And I eat them with my coworkers
  134. They give me the itches
  135. I do not know why
  136. Maybe it's witches
  137. Baked in a pie
  138. But them bitches
  139. They do not know
  140. I'll have them in stitches
  141. With my orange-glow
  142. Ho-ho!
  143. But now I know
  144. That I have no turnips
  145. The carrots are good
  146. But only to misfits
  147. I'll eat this shoe
  148. Without further ado
  149. So give me your soul
  150. While I munch on the sole
  151. I need a spoon and a bowl
  152. For this grain is whole
  153. A shoe made of wheat?
  154. Nonsense, that's weak!
  155. You don't know the poodle
  156. Covered in noodles
  157. Oodles and oodles
  158. Of noodles on poodles
  159. Eat the poodle
  160. And you may find
  161. The poodle may doodle
  162. On your intestines