The Mating Habits and Migratory Patterns of Peter Jackson

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The fat fool and his filly, Fran.

Since time immemorial, the question has been frequently posed, "What are the mating habits and migratory patterns of Peter Jackson?"

More recently, after watching a few narwhal documentaries on PBS it was unanimously decided that there are some questions better left unanswered. Or better yet, unexplored. Or even better still, never asked in the first place.

We do accept full blame and responsibility for even making you think about it, and completely understand it would be useless to ask you to try to forget whatever horrid mental images you're now suffering with. You know, about his frequent trips to the loo, and those late-night encounters with Fran and/or Philippa, and... SORRY! Really very sorry. Truly.

As recompense, we do extended to you an open invitation to join us at the pub for a sturdy swig of brain go bye-bye juice, for effective temporary relief.