The Monroes

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~ Donald Trump on The Monroes


~ Judge Jeanine Pirro DeNiro De Trumpis DeAnn Coulterrrr on The Monroes


~ Wes Anderson on The Monroes

“I'll die to this music.”

~ Stephen Colbert on The Monroes

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. cuc!”

~ Brandon the Lid Opener on The Monroes

The Monroes were a short lived American rock, power pop, and New Wave band from San Diego Con El Mexico Mexicanoa, California. They are best known for their 1982 single, "What the Fuck Do All the People Know?" The song peaked at No. 666 on the Bellyboard Hot 990.

They shortly split up soon afterwards.

Band Members[edit]

Band members included members of president James Monroe's family, including himself and Marilyn Monroe as well. A Mexican-American member was also included in the band, Mr. Tony "The Frito Bandito" Cortez Lopez Ortiz. (No relation to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, though she likes to shake her ass to their music.)


Like a can of tunafish. And the tax machine, and the fax machine. Diabetes on aisle 59

The barefoot feeling of 1982/ 1969[edit]

Don't hippies like to go barefoot? Well the Monroes sure diddly dumbly did so, too! Don't get discouraged by that.