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Also known as the invincible family. Yea, not so much. They died.

The Romanovs were a family that crawled out of a well in Modern day Sudan, and who traveled to Europe and became an entirely unimportant family in the Italian Rome. Click here for the German Rome. They had the special power of being invincible, and lived through Vesuvius's one eruption. (It is commonly unknown that the volcano only erupted once, many believe it also still active, where are they getting their information?) The Romanovs also survived the Great Fire of Rome, though they never escaped the city. The Romanovs' existence was finally vanquished when they moved to Russia to rule. It seems that since the Romanovs were from the area now known as the Sudan they were in fact block. Russian skinheads skinned each Romanov head as was customary. Even though the Skinheads were simply bored children they in fact would sometimes show their racist side.

The Family's Beginnings in Sudan[edit]

The Romanovs crawled from an ancient well in Sudan that was built by the aliens. They destroyed the aliens with magma which they had in their bellies from living underground. They at first built a small dynasty in the Sudan, and made various conquests across the globe. At one time they went so far as China where they stole the Imperial Foo Dogs and three Chinese junks. Their dynasty was vast, but very weak, and they heard that Rome was growing, so they decided to move.

The Family In Italy[edit]

The Great Move[edit]

They felt that being closer to the center of the most powerful country on earth, other than the goblin country of the Clouds, would be the safest action. They traveled to Rome, first by camel, and then by crossing the Mediterranean Sea with Chinese junks they had stolen. They arrived on the coast of Greece, as they learned from some natives. They then had wax and feather wings built for them so that they could finish their journey. One of the younger Romanovs flew up to the Sun and fell as their wings melted and fell apart, the rest of the family pushed on. They landed in Italy and traveled to Pompeii.

In Pompeii[edit]

The Romanovs had been in Pompeii for about a week when their beloved came to their house alive. They had fallen in the Sea and had survived having been eaten by a whale. The Romanovs were used to their beloved surviving inevitable death. They lived in Pompeii for many years, though not much is known of their time spent there. It is known that the Romanovs were all out walking when Vesuvius erupted, and that they were unable to gain shelter. All of the Romanovs survived the eruption, though. Once the ash settled they decided to move to Rome. They made the journey to Rome on foot.

In Rome[edit]

In Rome they lived peaceably for many years, breeding unicorns for slaughter. They became respected citizens of the city, though they infact started the Great Fire of Rome. They framed the leader at that time of the burning. Right as the fire started the Romanovs stood in the streets screaming as others tried to flee. It was a hoax, the Romanovs were neither scared nor in pain. They burned in the fire though again, they survived. The Romanovs were also responsible for Caesar's death, though again they framed others. They felt that it would be better for them to leave Italy in case their ploys caught up with them.

The Family's Short Time in Russia Before Their Death[edit]

The Romanovs arrived in Russia, having ridden their prized unicorns for transportation. They tried to assert themselves as the leaders of the country but disturbed and bored teens, known as skinheads, felt a racist angst towards the family. After many failed attempts the skinheads managed to skin each of the Romanovs' heads, killing them all. It is sometimes said that the skinheads then ate their brains, but wouldn't that mean that they had to break into the skulls? The Romanovs finally had been vanquished, and some believe that all of the tectonic plate movement recently is due to the fact the Romanovs are going to rise again, which is highly unlikely as the well was destroyed.

The Unicorn Business[edit]

The Romanovs were known in Italy for their breeding of fine unicorns. During the family's stay in Italy they had one-hundred and one acres of unicorn farm, which are now vineyards. Once the Romanovs left for Russia, the Unicorns ran rampant among the citizens. Over time the crisis became so vast that unicorn hunting was considered lawful, Why?:Hunt Unicorns. It is an important project, though it is not very widely known. Really, where DOES everyone get their information?! This is COMMON knowledge, (Meaning that every commoner in Commontown knows about it).

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