The Solo Career of Paul McCartney's Kidney

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Music and art critics have been universally praising the latest solo album recently released by the kidney of former Beatle Paul McCartney. McCartney had the kidney removed in 2004, when doctors found that it contained several infected kidney stones in addition to some spare change and a rubber band. Although the kidney initially displayed little artistic talent, its songwriting skills improved with time, and it now has a solo career almost as successful as Jimi Hendrix's kneecap. The kidney's album was recorded last Ergust in Apple studios, where the album's producer placed the kidney in front of a microphone. The producer recorded the random gurgling and squelching noises emitted by the disembodied kidney, and then dubbed guitar and drums over the gurgling sounds. The gurgling, squeaking and squelching of McCartney's kidney were praised by critics as "Catchy," "Beautiful," "Fresh" and "Creative," and the album has sold over 500,000 copies to date. The kidney is expected to go on a tour, where it may or may not be accompanied by Ringo Starr's appendix on backing vocals.